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How To Succeed With Marketing

About You: Whom We Can Help

#1: You Are Looking To Attract & Retain High Value Clients 
(not mass-marketing)

You have a product or service where the ?sales-process? at some point requires a conversation. (so it?s not a mass-product that requires no human interaction)

Also, instead of having a typical ?sales-call? (where you battle an opponent with ninja objection handling techniques), ?

? you?d rather have a genuine conversation with pre-qualified prospective clients who are very likely to be a great fit, but have a few final questions.

#2: You Wish To Add Structure & Clarity To Your Marketing

And in all likelihood, you have a good idea of what you should be doing when it comes to marketing, you even may have a fair idea of how to do those things, ?

? but you?re lacking a coherent strategy for implementing marketing systems that work for you, your product or service and your specific market and target audience.

#3: You Want Implementation, Not Just "More Knowledge"

Whilst you see value in marketing, but it?s not your life?s mission to become the greatest marketer on the planet ? you want to use it as a tool to help the right audience with what matters most: YOUR product or service.

Meaning: it has to work and be simple enough so you can get it implemented quickly and effectively  (it?s a given that it?s ethical and aimed at building long-lasting assets, not here-today-gone-tomorrow-tricks & exploits)

I can help you with that because of ...

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    actually doing marketing for myself and clients since 2007,
  • check
    my background that?s a weird and wonderful mix of science (PhD in Computer Science), sales (financial services industry) & marketing (training academy for newspaper advertising sales-reps) and several years of full-time teaching (Maths & Computer Science), and
  • check
    my personality type that?s focused on finding simple and practical solutions to problems ? which is rather useful because it?s terribly easy to overcomplicate this marketing-thing;-)

(and if you'd like to get to know me on a more 'personal' level, scroll down to the bottom of the page)

In practice, you?ll get results with us because we help you focus on the truly essential (identify bottle-necks, then eliminate them), and we do so in a systematic fashion, and if possible in a ?workshop? format, so you get things implemented, not just acquire more information.

This is rarely ?sexy? as it almost never uses the latest ?tricks? and fashions ?

 ? and it?s almost always the shortest path to creating highly effective marketing systems. Which tends to make accountants and bank-managers happy, and who?s going to argue with a happy bank-manager?

What It Takes To Succeed With Marketing in 2019 

One of the biggest leverage points (and sadly also most counter-intuitive and most overlooked) you have in today's world is to make a strategic decision about your position in the market-place.

No matter what market you're in, these days there are really only 2 places you can thrive in: 

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    the 'low-end' (mass-market) with high volume and low margins, or - the polar opposite -
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    the high-end with low(er) volume and high margins (which you need because you're providing a world-class client-experience)

The middle is a true "battle-for-survival"-ground, and yet, that's sadly where most business owners plant their flag - only to find out that they neither have the volume, nor systems to 'work the margins' in a true mass-market (competing with Walmart) ...

... nor the cashflow to then go out and strategically and systematically create high-value lead-generation paths and customer experiences that appeal to 'high-end' clients.

Here's How You Position Your Business In The 'High Value' Quadrant

In today?s environment of lots of marketing noise, and people?s marketing-BS-meters off the charts, the recipe for building long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships is this:

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    be everywhere your prospective clients are (in a unique 3-dimensional way, not just "different media")
  • check
    provide (the right kind of) value on an ongoing basis, so they can see for themselves that what you?ve got is right for them (aka: building KLTR (know-like-trust & relevance)), and  
  • check
    automate as much of it as possible so you can focus your individual energy on those who are a great fit for your product or service, and enjoy doing business again.

And that's really what our work is about - focus on the underlying strategy, then filling it with the tactics that work for you, your personality type your business, your target audience.

Baby-Steps To Success: What To Focus On First & Why

The big question remains: how do you actually DO those 3 steps above in practice?

There are so many options for reaching & engaging your target audience after all:

you've heard that you should learn copywriting, preselling, headline crafting, ...

? you wonder about email-marketing vs chatbot-marketing (or both) ?

? you see the value in ?funnels?, lead-gen ?freebies?, email follow-up sequences ?

? you accept that these days you have to be everywhere your clients are ?

.. the list goes on.

All true. All valuable.

But, let me ask you this:

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    do you have a single landing page?
  • check
    with consistent traffic going to it?
  • check
    and numbers telling you how many of those visitors actually read what's on the page, and then do 'the dirty deed' (sign up, click, buy, ...)

because if you don?t have this barest of bare-bones of a marketing system ?

? why mess around with copywriting, email-marketing, chatbots, funnel-building, freebies, persuasion techniques, etc, etc, etc ...

All of that would just be icing on a cake that doesn?t even exist yet!

?Marketing? is one of those activities where you should ignore most of what your brain is getting excited about:

Yes, you could do this, you could do that, you could, could, could ?

And the only thing that happens is that you get side-tracked, suffer from information overload, and ultimately end up jumping from one method to the next without ever making any of them work for you.

When it comes to online marketing with all its options and possibilities, the name of the game is consistency and persistence:

F.O.C.U.S: follow one course until successful!

Sticking with one method and systematically working that method until it gets you the results you?re after, or you?ve proven (with facts and real data) that it truly doesn?t work for you/your product or service/your market (which is extremely rare).

So, if you don?t have that single page, with a single source of traffic, with data telling you if things are working or not, may I suggest you have a look at our ?Your First Landing Page? course to get you started, whilst building out a solid marketing foundation for your business.

And only once you have that in place, then you start 'building' out the rest of your marketing system.

(once you're there, you may find out Quarterly Planner useful, where you make strategic decisions about what specific marketing tactics you?re going to validate & test over the next quarter ? and do so in a systematic fashion)

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