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It only takes 1 Winning Ad

this is a presentation on what I think is THE biggest mistake most online marketers make (truly, THE biggest mistake),...

... and what to do about it.

The big-picture summary is: the whole idea of 'funnel hacking' (copying other people's ads, or entire funnels) is deeply flawed, and in all likelihood gives you rubbish results.

In the video I share what the pros do (and how that's very different from what yer typical amateur funnel hacker does), and why the pro-approach pretty much will be non-negotiable going forward.

The 1 Raving Fan

So, you know you 'should' build a list ...

... and of course 'the bigger the better'.

Well, in this case-study I'm arguing for a different approach to list-building (with actual insights as to WHY) ... and it's all based on the idea of the "1 Raving Fan"

How to get people into a subscription programme and keep them in

This morning Steven contacted me regarding his upcoming Kyvio 2.0 release ...

... and the conversation about WHY I should check it out (because I was, and am already very happy with Kartra) ...

... turned quickly into a fabulous example of how you get people into a subscription programme, but then also make sure they stay in it!

There's a quick 'exercise' to do in the video ... I encourage you to actually DO it (as in: stop the video when asked to, do the exercise, then resume, and observe what I came up with)

A new approach to framing

now ... a couple of emails ago I made the 'mistake' of sending people a 'bad frame', and some people got offended, because I had something for sale ... but hadn't mentioned it in the subject line of the email.

Not everyone was offended though ...

... here's what Jeremy replied:

"what do you expect? You are running a business, based on your experience you are able to connect a concept to a marketing technique, and if anyone would like to learn it, then they have to fork out some money. I would think its fair and square. If they want free marketing advice, there's Youtube, but still you have to pay with your time watching advertisement in Youtube..."

So, just to be manage expectations, there's a PAID offer coming up at the end of this post:

you see, based on that experience, I decided to put together a short course on 'framing' (ethically of course, no exploitative shenanigans going on)

And it's based on my experience of learning French & my taste in music.

You see, my taste in music was formed early on in my life, around the age of about 8 years young:

I was in church, happily singing along, when someone turned around and asked me to shut up because I was so horribly out of tune.

Haven't opened my mouth ever since (not even in the shower), and developed a strong preference for instrumental music, like e.g. Klangkarussell Sonnentanz

I'm sharing this with you, because almost all frames run at a subconscious level ... 

... meaning: the meaning YOU attach to a frame is almost never the same as someone else attaches to that same frame.

You can tell me all day long that singing is good for the soul, and that I'll live 5 years longer if only I sing ... I still won't. That experience from 40 years ago has shaped my belief of whether singing is safe (or not), ...

... and nothing you say can or will change that.

So, that's where we'll start when we look at frames and how to use them in marketing and persuasion.

There's a whole lot more, but for now I'd like to focus on the way of delivering the course, and making sure it 'goes in' ...

... and that's based on how I learned French:

You see, after doing my CompSci Masters at Imperial, I moved to France to do another degree (a DEA ... and no, nothing to do with drugs;-)

At that point, my French was horrible ... and my French colleagues did me a huge favour by only speaking French.

Which forced me to get good at French fast.

And the best way of doing that was to have a beer, or two. 

It really was magic: as soon as everyone had had a beer, all 'inhibition' was out of the window, and the learning could commence.

and that's why this new course is going to be delivered in beer-mode.

It's a live call (I expect it to last about 2h of content, followed by another hour of just hanging out and having a few post-learning beers).

I will definitely have a beer, so my delivery is nice and relaxed. And I'm expecting you to have a beer or two (no more for the first part though) - so your 'inhibitions' are gone, and you can take on the learnings faster, and at a deeper level than normally.

And because it's in the spirit of learning something truly useful, I'll make it a complete bargain too, you can get access here for only $1.04 (but you'll have to bring your own beer).

“Online Marketing” Terminology Explained

This is for you if you're are relatively new to online marketing and not quite sure what all these different terms mean. In the short video-lesson, we'll cover terms like 

  • check
    Advertising on Facebook and Google
  • check
    Website vs Webpage vs Landing Page
  • check
    Call To Action
  • check
    Conversions & "Pixels"
  • check
    Testing, Optimizing and Analytics
  • check
    Email Autoresponder vs Newsletter vs Messenger
  • check
    Webinars & Online Classes
  • check
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Test your understanding by answering the following questions:

  • check
    did I use a "call to action" in the video? If so, what was it?
  • check
    Do you have a call to action on your site? Is it above the fold? If not, what would be a good call-to-action?
  • check
    The page you are looking at right now, is this a landing page, a webpage, just a 'normal' page? 
  • check
    Can you spot any signup fields for an email autoresponder on this site? If so, do you think it's the "back/front of mind" type of newsletter, or a "guided decision making"-sequence?
  • check
    Can you find invitations for Webinars on this site? Check out the 'enrolment'-process, then think how you could use something similar in your business!
  • check
    How did you find this post? Through advertising, SEO, word-of-mouth, something else?

Any insights, and of course yoru "Anything Else" questions: leave a comment below!

Goal Setting For Entrepreneurs

In this short video-lesson, you'll discover why most entrepreneurs (especially those who are new to online marketing) set goals that ultimately lead to things like

  • check
    analysis paralysis
  • check
    information overload
  • check
    perfectionism (and "never finishing anything" that goes along with it)
  • check
    procrastination, and
  • check
    "shiny object syndrome" (jumping from one method to the next without really ever mastering one)

Watch this video now, and make sure to actually do the short exercises

What are your main questions after watching the "goal-setting" video?

What aspects of your marketing would you now change from something that used to have "goals" attached to it, and change it over to "learning experiences"? 

And what would you like to learn?

Leave a comment below, and we'll get back to you with input & feedback.