... what you need (and what you can safely ignore) when doing "online marketing".
The main objective is to show you

  • 1
    what the 'minimum' setup is you absolutely need (for different scenarios)
  • 2
    so you can decide for yourself if you really need a fancy [autoresponder/landing page builder/tracking software/etc], or
  • 3
    if a basic, or perhaps even free version will do just fine to get started
  • 4
    without unwittingly creating some major headaches somewhere down the line

Step #1: Understand The Terminology

Before you dive in:

If you're are relatively new to online marketing and not quite sure what all those different terms (like autoresponder, landing page, conversion pixel, search engine optimization etc) mean, then check out our post on online marketing terminology. (opens in a new tab) first.

That way you have a solid understanding what I'm talking about in the 'Determine' Video

Step #2: Get An Overview Over The 'Minimum Viable Setup'

Watch the overview video where you'll discover what a good 'minimum' setup is. In the videos below, I'll then compare the core components where you have several options (different landing-page builders, different email autoresponders and so on)


Step #2 JIT Technology

And yes, "JIT" only makes sense AFTER watching the video, so make sure to watch it first;-)

Right, this is probably the real reason you came to this page: figuring out what technology you actually need, and which of the gazillion different choices are just distractions.

Productivity: how to be systematic: keep calendar, make appointments, keep a diary of how long it takes. Create content-calendars, promo-calendars, quarterly planners! <-- toot, toot.