Goal Setting For Entrepreneurs – Veit Schenk

Goal Setting For Entrepreneurs

In this short video-lesson, you'll discover why most entrepreneurs (especially those who are new to online marketing) set goals that ultimately lead to things like

  • check
    analysis paralysis
  • check
    information overload
  • check
    perfectionism (and "never finishing anything" that goes along with it)
  • check
    procrastination, and
  • check
    "shiny object syndrome" (jumping from one method to the next without really ever mastering one)

Watch this video now, and make sure to actually do the short exercises

What are your main questions after watching the "goal-setting" video?

What aspects of your marketing would you now change from something that used to have "goals" attached to it, and change it over to "learning experiences"? 

And what would you like to learn?

Leave a comment below, and we'll get back to you with input & feedback.

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